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The Company


Continuous technology research, constant care about our products and our services are at the base of Dogi Group offer. With feet at the present and sight to the future.




Dogi Group experience in electronics’ world, nowadays widely consolidated, started in 1984, but it since 2000 that the group focus its know-how on LED illumination, studying and developing cutting-edge products with an elevated care in their design. Interlocutors of Dogi Group, today, are retailers from small and great distribution of electrical material with branches all over the world.



The target is to make LED, from very good bulb, became “the” bulb, the illumination tool for excellence. IS from this simple purpose that derives the propensity to the research, in terms of technology and applications, able to promote the expansion of LED universe. Our offer stands out for accurate building, engaging design and high performance.



It was General Electric, in 1962, to introduce LED diode that, as illumination system, until few years ago was considered a gamble, but that today it has become a still point, destined to replace in few years the traditional bulbs.

Main advantages are two: energy saving and environment safeguard. Reduce energy consumption means to significantly reduce expenses and to limit discharges of harmful substances in the air.

Lighting efficiency granted by last LED systems generation is equal to the traditional incandescent light bulbs efficiency, but with a widely lower consumption. Translating in numbers, nowadays 10% of energy produced in the world is used for artificial illumination. If used only LED sources, it has been estimated  that we would reduce this consumption by 70%. In practice we could forebear of about 100 nuclear power plants avoiding, among other things, the problem of disposing of the radioactive waste.

In order to make more obvious the difference between the two light sources, traditional one and the one provided by LED, is necessaire a technical digression. With “Watt” we don’t mean the unit of measure for light, but lighting devices consumption; therefore lower is the wattage, lower is the consumption. On the contrary, parameter used to tell how much light is generated from a light source is the luminous flux, expressed in lumen or lux. First Power-LED in commerce showed a luminous efficiency similar to incandescent light bulbs. Since then, technology research allowed great progresses either in terms of power (today are available LEDs from 1 to 5W) and in terms of light efficiency that, today, exceed by ten times the efficiency of filament bulbs (at the moment exist diodes that generates from 100 to 120 lm/W, but are under development diodes at 180lm/W). To summarize: a traditional 60W light bulb with a light efficiency of lm/W provide a luminous flux for 900lm; same result can be achieved using a lamp with just three 3W Power-LEDs with 100lm/W efficiency. Advantages are noticeable: in the first case absorbed power is 60W, while in the second case only 9W, saving 85% of energy.

For indoor lighting, LED is being used since time in lamps or bulbs that contain groups of white light diodes connected in series or parallel. Arrangement of LED devices is very similar to the arrangement of halogen devices: behind a lens that focus the light bundle, is collocated a set of LEDs pointed to the same direction, with the purpose of reflecting outside the generated light. Having to match traditional light products, LED lighting devices are suitable for 12/24V power supply through 220V alternate current supply.

To ensure LED to replace traditional bulbs, it is necessary to move in two directions: increase light output – with prospective to employ LED on street lighting – and lower costs. A LED-based illuminating plant, for the same luminous flux emitted, today cost ten times of a traditional plant but, considering energy saving, the investment is amortized between 12 or 24 month (depending on its use).



Dogi Group is producer and distributor of different solutions for LED source illumination which products aim to a highly professional target market with goods made for internal and external purpose excelling in performances in terms of brightness and product design. To complete Dogi Group range there are lighting devices of ECO Power brand, transformers, control units and accessories suitable for LED devices.



Increasing utilization of LED lighting is to attribute to the advent of home automation, science that is interested in study of technologies – that embrace disciplines like construction engineering, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunication and computer science – aimed to improve life quality living in our houses and, widely, in everyday life environments.

Adopt LED for illumination is a convenient, modern and advanced choice, supported from objective advantages like:

• High energetic efficiency and long duration, features that determine a considerable energy saving and, as consequence, reduced environmental impact; 

• Performances reliability and installation simplicity, with a remarkable reduction of running and service costs;

• Wide color rendering, due to an almost countless number of combinations of effects and ambiences that is possible to create thanks to LED systems.



Strong attitude to technological innovation, applied to development of advanced solutions for illumination, led to the realization of Casa & Studio Showroom, at EGE Dell’Orto, in Seregno. With partnership of B.Tech company and also in collaboration with other firms leader in sector of home automation. A great plant has been realized in order to prove how easily, these new applications are intend to change traditional systems.

Due to structured house rooms it is possible to appreciate the splendid synergy between modern components that magnify house harmony: from coating to the plant, from bathroom furniture to installation, don’t forgetting indoor and outdoor finishes and furnishings.

Dogi Group provision allowed development of particular lighting projects, studying shared solutions, adapting existing lighting devices and creating new ones. An advanced home automated plant that gives birth to spectacular and suggestive solutions, and to an elevated environmental comfort.